Seafood in Melbourne

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Sean Food In Melbourne

Seafood and Australia goes hand in hand, the fishing zone of Australia is the third largest in the world. A major chunk of an Australian’s diet consists of seafood, this share can amount up to 25 kilograms and is the fifth most valuable source of protein in an Australian’s budget. A fascinating fact is that both the aquaculture, accounting for 0.002% of the total world production of seafood, for seafood and the imports for seafood has been on a rise for the past decade. The production of Atlantic Salmon in Australia is about 41000 tonnes.

A major share of our fisheries, which is the sixth largest industry of the Australian economy, comes in the form of prawns, tuna and oysters and they are mainly exported to other countries, the amount of export is estimated to be around $1.5 billion. Satisfying the increasing hunger for seafood are the importation, about $2.1 billion, of 200 species of seafood. 50% of the imports are in fresh, frozen or chilled and 40% of the imports are in the form of cans.

The countries that engage in this widespread trade of seafood with Australia are New Zeeland, Thailand, Vietnam, Argentina, China, and Norway.

If you would like to nosedive into this world of seafood, then you should head to The Atlantic restaurant in Melbourne. The staff at this place possesses a wealth of knowledge about seafood and the ambience is really mesmerizing, with the view of the Yarra river.

To tingle your taste buds, Dining Hour offers a range of seafood restaurants. To name a few, Dining Hour partners with Richmond Oysters Café & Bar – known for serving great oyster dishes and amazing granitas and Claypots Barbarossa – known for its excellent service, delicious food, perfectly curated dishes and serious passion for food.

Grab your discount at DiningHour and expose yourself to the best seafood in town.

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