Fiddle Around The Yarra at LA CAMERA

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La Camera in Southbank overlooks the waterfront and is an Italian’s dream. The restaurant, founded in 2000, pleases its diners by delivering a heartwarming ambience. It serves rich and authentic Italian delicacies that are bound to leave a good taste on your palate. La Camera delivers excellent service to its diners as the staff members pay attention to every detail and take care of you through your meal. The thing that entices us the most about La Camera is its versatile nature. Whether you’re in the mood for pre-theatre food, having a good time with your family or hosting a business lunch, La Camera has got your back.

La Camera enjoys a prime location in Southbank as it overlooks the Yarra, the iconic flinders street station and gives us a landscape view of the Melbourne CBD. This stunning view takes the La Camera experience to another experience. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you are swamped over by the rich history of this restaurant. La Camera is also renowned for its diversity in terms of its menu. It serves delectable tiramisu for the sweet taste buds and authentic pizza and pappardelle for the savoury taste buds. The authentic Italian cuisine, served by this historic restaurant, derives its
flavour by good quality ingredients and fresh produce. So the next time that you are looking to celebrate an occasion, to spend some quality time with your loved ones, La Camera is the place to go.

Book your table at La Camera at ​​ and they will make sure that you relax and unwind.

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