Hunky Dory – A Deep Dive into the World of Sea Food

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Hunky Dory - Melbourne sea food Restaurant

You have lived the Melbourne life if you have not dived into the world of Hunky Dory. Hunk Dory is a family run fish and chips restaurant established in 2004. Hunky Dory, inspired by 90 years of fishing on the Greek islands, aims to provide high quality sea food options along with the traditional fish and chips to appeal to the taste buds of the sea food lovers.

Hunky Dory offers a range of options – fish, calamari, salads, to its consumers. Hence, you can be sure that there is a dish on their menu that is going to make you salivate. Additionally, Hunky Dory tempts us with their warm and friendly hospitality.
To intrigue you further, Hunky Dory offers wine and beer on their menu alongside their in-house marinades and sauces. Overall, Hunky Dory will treat you as their tribe member and will make sure that your experience is a wholesome one. So, what are you waiting for? Go and redeem your Hunky Dory dining deals at DiningHour.

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