10 Impressive Reasons to Love Melbourne

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If you love coffee, culture and incredible food, you’ll love the Victorian capital, Melbourne. Here are our top ten reasons to study in Melbourne as an international student.

  1. Melbourne is The World’s ‘Most Liveable City’
    Currently, Melbourne is the ‘most liveable city‘ in both Australia and the world! There are a few reasons why Melbourne is considered such a great place to live. There are multiple public transport options, relatively low crime rates, and plenty of jobs. Plus, it offers an awesome arts and culture scene first-class universities and not too easy lifestyle.
  2. Melbourne is Home to World-Class Educational Facilities
    Melbourne is very educational, with six of Melbourne’s universities are the top universities of the world. As a creative city home to world-class academics and an invigorating entrepreneurial spirit, if you study in Melbourne you’ll soon be thinking outside the box.
  3. Melbourne’s Laneway Culture is Rich, Vivid and Exciting
    Melbourne’s streets are Marvelous they’ll probably make you feel as though you’ve stepped into a real-life magical world. The city is well-known across Australia for its energetic laneway culture, which is overflowing with busy shopping centres,
    If you’re in search of good food, take a wander down the colourful Centre Place, where you’ll find plenty of places to eat. For anyone into street art, a walk down to laneways.
  4. The Coffee is Incredible
    You will never see elsewhere. Melbourne is about coffee culture. You can say second name of Melbourne is Coffee. Cafe culture in Melbourne runs deep. Lot of world champion baristas are from Melbourne. friendly neighbourhood vibe, and the locals’ love of supporting small business, Melbourne cafes serve up some of the best coffee in Australia. You can see cafes everywhere in the Melbourne.
  5. It’s Australia’s ‘Cultural Capital’
    Melbourne’s unconventionality, creativity and love of the arts is world famous. This city is rated the top cultural destination in Australia, the third top cultural destination in the Asia Pacific region, and twelfth in the world.
  6. The Community is Hugely Diverse
    Melbourne is a home for many communities, and is home to many different cultural celebrations. The Lonsdale St Greek Festival, Carlton Italian Festa, Chinese New Year, the Thai Culture & Food Festival, the Melbourne Fringe Festival and the Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Diwali Festival are just some of the options on offer. Plus, make sure to check out the neighbourhoods that sit around the CBD.
  7. The Trams
    In Melbourne, trams are both a major form of public transport and one of the city’s most famous icons. Melbourne locals tend to express genuine warmth for their tram system. What’s more, Melbourne’s trams can be just as colourful as the city itself.
  8. The Airport is Super Accessible
    Melbourne’s airport is easily accessible and close to the city centre (around 20-35 minutes each way). Melbournian knows that having an airport close-by is super handy — especially when it comes to making trips back home, or when family and friends visit.
  9. Melbourne is a Great Place for Start-Ups
    If you’re an international student looking to start your own business, moving to a city like Melbourne could be a good idea. There are many small business grants offered to ideas that display creativity, innovation, business readiness, financial viability and benefits to the city of Melbourne. Does that sound exciting?
  10. It’s ‘Australia’s Popular City for Students
    Melbourne was the second most popular city for international students in 2017. In the same year, Melbourne was also the most popular place of study for Indian, Sri Lankan, Singaporean, Malaysian, Indonesian and Vietnamese, Chinese, Nepalese, Hong Kong and Pakistani students.
    So, if you’re curious, fearless, creative, want to live and study in a blooming city environment, Melbourne might just be the perfect place to call home.
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